Zip Lining and Cave Tubing

Jump into a super-stretch SUV limo in Belize City for an incredible adventure to Caves Branch Outpost. The Outpost is located a few hundred feet from the Caves Branch River and its winding waterway through the ancient caves once inhabited by the Maya. Of course there is no better way to experience this amazing ecosystem than by soaring over the rain forest canopy on a zip line, as high as 250-feet above the ground! There are a total of 7 zip lines and 12 platforms that will have you flying through the jungle at the speed of Tarzan! 

The Cave tubing experience through the Caves Branch system is by far the most popular tourist activity in the country. It starts with a 2-minute hike through the rain forest to reach the mouth of the first cave. There, you’ll be outfitted with a float tube, life jacket and helmet (with light). Your tour guide will then navigate the way through the 4.5 mile route, as the gentle current pushes you along. It’s truly an adventure of a lifetime!

Price is only US $155.00 per person. If you find yourself outside of Belize City, we can assist with your travel plans either by air, taxi, or ferry.

Zip Lining.jpeg