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LET US plan your
belize Happy Adventure! 

How it Works

  • One of our joyful travel guides will work with you online through email, chat, or web call. You’ll then check out our suggested itinerary, share what works for you or what doesn’t. With your input, we will finish customizing everything required for your Belize Happy Adventure.

  • Once you’re happy with your itinerary, your joyful guide handles all the details of your excursions, restaurant reservations, and other bookings if you have selected the premium (FULL) package. We will deliver a PDF of your final booked itinerary.

Three Simple Happy Options

  1. Belize Happy Advice

  2. Mini Belize Happy Adventure

  3. Full Belize Happy Adventure with premium features

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“But I love to plan my travel"

So why should you pay us to plan your happy trip? Here is why…

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At Belize Happy Adventures
there are no hidden markups or fees.

One Flat daily fee

$50 per day of travel for the full Belize Happy Adventure (FULL), or $25 per day if you don’t need reservations or bookings (MINI).

No hotel booking required

Already made your hotel or Airbnb reservations? Unlike other travel assistants, your lodgings need not be a part of the package, we’ll still help you arrange the rest of your Belize Happy Adventure.


We’ll make recommendations, if you ask. But booking flights are not our thing! You know your FF#s, seat preferences, favored airlines, other destinations before or after your Belize time, etc. We’ll leave it to you and the vast number of flight websites available, such as Expedia or Kayak.