what to bring to belize

The first thing people need to know about traveling to Belize is that less is definitely better. Less of everything. This is a place where virtually no one dresses to be seen. Expensive jewelry is rarely worn and will only attract unwanted attention. Most “packing list” travel advice is unnecessary. You’re old, smart, and wise enough to remember to bring your medications, passport, toothpaste, dive equipment, etc. If you have never been to a hot and humid destination, like Belize, you should be more concerned about what NOT to pack. Also, there are grocery, drug, and t-shirt stores almost everywhere if you must get something.



You’ll need shorts, t-shirts, flip flops, two bathing suits. Bring as few of the clothing articles described above as possible. You can launder to your heart’s content here or farm it out for about US$5. Leave everything else at home. Dress everyday here like it’s Sunday and you’re watching football in the warmth of your basement, and no one else is home.


Shorts, sports bras, t-shirts, tank tops, sun dress, sandals, flip flops (shout out for Oofos brand for both Men and Women), and a few bathing suits.


For both to bring

A little cash, ATM and credit card, sunglasses, hat, water bottle, and bug spray. Sun tan lotion (if you believe in that), aloe gel in either case. Hiking shoes if you’re going to go on adventures. Rain poncho if you are a pessimist and can’t stand the thought of getting wet in the rain.


For both to leave at home

Denim anything, electric hair care appliances, coats (sport or any kind), magazines, watches, AC power adaptors, non-athletic socks, and beach towels (no need). As an FYI, long pants are rarely seen.