concierge services

At Belize Happy Adventures our one and only goal is to see that our guests are happy during their Belize travel. Based on our own experiences, we provide information on the web to assist anyone who is planning a trip or is already on the ground in San Pedro. In addition, we are happy to offer real world assistance as well.

Should you need help on planning your stay we would be pleased to serve. Simply select from the category below and send us your request. We’ll reply in less than a day with an answer and a quote. Typically, we charge an hourly rate for these services. If your needs are across several categories, we’ll provide you with a fixed rate bid. Between the two of us (and our friends) we will work to ensure that your every need will be cheerfully met. If you have a special request that doesn’t fit neatly into a category below, select any category and ask away! We are your joyful guides.


San Pedro is the place to be for water sports. Our proximity to the barrier reef makes for excellent snorkeling, diving, fishing, and sailing adventures. There are so many choices that it can be overwhelming. We can assist with finding the best vendors for all of your salt-water adventure requirements. Private charters are available for every salt water activity imaginable. Since we arrived here we’ve entertained guests in the beautiful turquoise blue waters in all manner of ways. We know the locals who specialize in making travelers happy. Let us help you to find the right fishing guides, dive masters, and boat captains!


Are you imagining a special day trip for you and your guests? Want to helicopter to the Blue Hole, take a boat ride up the Belize river, visit ancient Mayan ruins, have a cave tube and zip line day, visit a rum factory, splash in a 1,000-foot waterfall? We can help you figure out how to do some or all of these things. At Belize Happy Adventures, there is no personalized tour that can’t be planned and made joyful with our collection of local resources. Ask us to help with tour suggestions or to get you finished plans. Special, one-of-a kind tours, should make for the happiest of memories.


Where am I? Is there an open restaurant nearby? How do we get to Secret Beach from here? We’re late, can you call the dive shop? Where can I get the meds I need? Is there a dentist here? You get the idea. You’re on a faraway island. There’s so much you can’t know. We’ll provide you with real-time text replies within minutes between the hours of 6am-9pm. Let us know your arrival and departure dates, we’ll arrange to provide you with 411 information protection.



Where should I stay? What are my options for accommodations? These may be the most important questions to ask in advance of your adventure in Belize. We can help you to better know where you want to be geographically to ensure your experience here is a happy one. In addition, there are a myriad of choices facing travelers to San Pedro: large hotels, boutique hotels, Airbnb’s, VRBO’s, and even a few private, non-listed, homes. We’ll take the guess work out of this important choice by using our experiences on the caye, our network of providers, and by listening carefully to your hopes for your trip. We can help you with your accommodation plans, make the booking, work with the local hosts, and get you all set up for a happy stay. Go ahead and begin your Belize adventure today!


Getting to and from island Belize can sometimes be confusing. We’re happy to assist you in preparing, and finalizing, your travel plans. This can include getting you and your companions to the country by air, sea, or land. Once here we can help you select from the many ways you can get from the mainland to San Pedro or to any of the beautiful cayes of Belize! Your travel plans may also include inter-island connections. We are happy to assist you with all of your connecting needs. We can help take the fuss out of the planning, so the happy adventure can begin!  


Wouldn’t it be great to arrive in your vacation home with food and beverages waiting in the fridge and pantry? At Belize Happy Adventures we can help you get your shopping list prepared, get it purchased, and put away in your vacation home. Or, we can meet you with your provisions at the airport or at your front door! What other special needs do you have, besides food and drinks, to ensure that you get the most fun out of your trip? If it is available anywhere on this island, we’ll find it.


Are you planning an in-home dining event for your guests while you’re on island and want someone else to do the cooking? Do you want to experience the local cuisine, or some other international flavors, in the intimate setting of your vacation home? Belize Happy Adventures can help you to plan an unforgettable dinner. We can help you select the right chef for a successful evening at home. If you are planning a dinner for two, or twenty, we will help to make it a once-in-a-lifetime event!


Sometimes getting around in a new country can be daunting. Here, it is generally not a complicated thing as there are only a few roads running north and south. Still, having someone else do the driving can be helpful (and prudent!). We can secure a driver for your holiday who will safely and securely move you about from one exciting adventure to the next, whether it’s on the mainland or the caye! 


Is there anything more romantic than the idea of a beach-front wedding attended by your closest friends and family? Are you hoping for sunrise or sunset nuptials? There are so many details, small and large, that make a wedding unforgettable: venue, flowers, music, food and beverages, gifts, and so much more. Also, you’ll need to comply with local laws. We know our way around the local laws, the best locations, and all the other things that go into a successful beach wedding. Let us take some of the complexity out of your wedding planning so that you can focus on the big day!