hotels in belize

There is a wide variety of accommodations in San Pedro for travelers. One can stay at a low-cost hostel and a high-price resort hotel, and everything in between. There are plenty of resort hotels, boutique hotels, Airbnbs, VRBOs, and private villas that are available for short term or long-term vacations.


Coco Beach Resort

A Laidback Luxury Resort located 3.5 miles north of San Pedro is the spot for romance, barefoot luxury, relaxation, and adventure. This 4-star luxury resort offers the utmost in beachfront relaxation, including two large, freeform swimming pools, a swim-up pool bar, Jacuzzi, and waterslide. Coco Beach Resort offers a wide range of accommodations to suit every guest’s needs.

From our perspective, this is the ideal sized resort, not too big nor too small. There is something for every one here.


Playa De Sala

About 4.5 miles south of town lies a quaint little boutique hotel, called Playa de Sala.  We happened by chance to take a journey on a side road where we stumbled upon this gem.  We drove by and out of the corner of my eye was this ginormous black and white Great Dane, Spartacus.  I had Great Danes during a period of my life and fell to love these Gentle Giants, now Mark not so much!  But I turned the golf cart around and pulled up to their front door, which had a patch of neatly manicured grass right out in front, probably about 30ft by 30 ft.  It looked a bit out of place on this very dusty road, but none the less inviting!  

I strolled up the stairs of this wide open space which overlooked one of the San Pedro Bays on the Lagoon side of the Caye.  There was a small little pool, and a woman sitting at the empty bar on her computer.  As I strolled in, Spartacus had been whisked away by the owner, Shawn.  I introduced myself to this wonderfully kind man, and asked, "where is that big ol' dog?"  Shawn was gracious as he wanted to make sure we weren't afraid, I told him my love for the Gentle Giant and out came the 2 year old "pup". He loved us both up.  

Shawn began to tell us their journey to the Caye from Canada, their 3 year project of building Playa de Sala.  His lovely wife Forest came out to greet us as well.  This was her dream and boy did she not disappoint.  We also had another guest appear, a sweet man named Joe, this was Forest's father.  

Shawn invited us to view each of their suites.  They were absolutely spectacular with every detail accounted for.  One of the suites had a "ranch" theme, suspended on the wall was this grand saddle and on another wall hung the reins. Forest had thought of every detail.

Shawn took us to the roof top bar where the views take you from the Lagoon with magnificent sunsets to the Caribbean Sea for early morning sunrises.  

Shawn explained that they were taking pre-booking as they were still waiting a bit more paperwork to get done with the Belize Government, then they will be off and running.  If you want a magical get 'a' way with privacy, this is your spot!  

Oh and to top it off, Joe (Forest's father) has a small art studio right next door.  He will be offering up his talent to teach any guest an opportunity to paint.  He will supply the canvas, the paint, the brushes.  He was so generous to give us a tour of his vision as well as share some of his beautiful work.  

Both Mark and I were so impressed by this family affair.  Their love and joy for the Caye and this amazing place to share happiness for all who come to visit!  They will welcome you with open arms and just maybe a little Spartacus drool to keep it interesting!  



SunBreeze suites

SunBreeze Suites is centrally located in San Pedro Town. It has over 20 one-bedroom vacation suites many of which overlook the Caribbean Sea. Each has a private balcony so you can enjoy sunrises, cool sea-breezes and beautiful nights. This small Belize Hotel offers an open air-beachfront restaurant & bar, pool, dock, and free Wi-Fi in common areas. It is within walking distance to grocery stores, entertainment centers, local and gourmet restaurants, banks, fruit shops, cafes, and Belizean art galleries. We have stayed here many times and recommend it to all travelers looking to be staying in downtown San Pedro!