Goff's Caye Manatee Tour

There are only a few places in the world where the elusive manatee can be found. One of those places is in Belize. So, if you want to see what only a handful of people in the entire world have ever seen, then get your camera and get on board.

Enjoy a leisurely and scenic boat ride from Caye to Caye as you make your way to Swallow Caye. As you approach the cut in the island, your guide will turn the motor off and as you sit silently, he will pole you into the lagoon where the manatees live. Poling is how the Mayans maneuvered their dugout canoes centuries ago. You can feel their ancestors looking at you as a tree limb or branch brushes your back or shoulder.

The manatees are gentle giants. They reach weights of 400 – 800 pounds and are about 10-feet long. We’ve never known of even one to be aggressive to any of our guests. We’re sorry to say, but permission is no longer granted for anyone to dive or snorkel with the manatee at this site. However, you can still photograph them and take your memories home.

After your Swallow Caye Manatee experience, your skipper will take you to Goff’s Caye. That’s right, it’s small but, beautiful Caye. Sand and coral surround this mysterious island, and who knows why a hurricane hasn’t already blown it away? That’s good for you because where else can you go picnic on a deserted island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea?

Put your beach towel beneath one of the 10 swaying coconut palms and take a nap while your skipper and his crew prepare a scrumptious meal, grilled over coconut husks. After lunch, continue your nap or snorkel off Goff Caye pristine sandy beach.

On your way back, you’ll get to experience Caye Caulker’s version of our Shark Ray Alley. And if you like, you’ll put you ashore for a while to shop in Caye Caulker’s unique shopping district. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be dog-tired, but excited about each event that took place during the day. Quite often on the ride home we are accompanied by dolphin who enjoy playing a little.

Price is US$95 per person plus tax.

Trip departs at 9:00AM and returns at 4:30PM. Requires a minimum of 6 persons or you can pay an additional fee and go with less than the minimum. Bottled water, soft drinks and lunch are included.