The weather in Belize is generally among the most pleasant on earth. Belize has a sub-tropical climate. As such, it can be humid at times. However, the island locations often enjoy a nice breeze from the sea. The best time to visit Belize? As the locals would say, “anytime is a good time to visit Belize”! It’s sunny, breezy, and beautiful most days here. There is really no such thing as winter in Belize. When people ask us about Belize weather in December, or Belize weather in January, or Belize weather in February, we tell them that, virtually without exception, every month looks like almost every other month here.

Daytime temperatures in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize range from 80F to 90F. Nighttime temperatures range from 66to 73 Degrees F (18-23C). Suffice to say, temperatures and weather in a place like San Pedro, Belize should never keep you away.


Our “rainy season” is September and October which have the highest likelihood of rain at 57% and 70%, respectively. However, the rain frequently occurs overnight. We might wake up with wet gardens, but the rest of day looks like most others. Dry season is most typically in February, March, and April.


For those who are planning to dive in Belize, the water temperatures range from 79 to 84F, almost bath water warm where wetsuits are optional virtually all year long.


For the lovers of the Caribbean wind and wave action might matter the most. The current weather forecast here is the most accurate one we’ve found. It’s always good to check the conditions before making plans to dive, snorkel, or deep sea fish.