Snorkeling Tour Packages

San Pedro is one of the best locations in Belize to snorkel for many, many reasons.  The location is simply ideal given its close proximity to the Great Belize Barrier Reef, where the strong and healthy corals prove irresistible to tons of marine life.  You’re bound to see eels, angelfish, grouper, and other bright reef fish swimming in and out of the nooks and crevices, while stone crabs, loggerhead turtles, and even a small number of sharks can be spotted here as well.  Snorkeling with one of our carefully selected guides will you get personalized service, a happy crew, and a beautiful vessel that will take you safely to and from your snorkel spot.

Park fees of $10 and equipment rental are additional.

All Prices are in US dollars and are subject to 12.5% tax