breakfast in belize

A Belize breakfast will typically include eggs, cheese, fresh fruit, tortillas and refried beans. Fry Jacks are a popular Belizean breakfast item. This deep-fried dough item is a toast replacement. Johnny Cakes, a fluffy biscuit, are also popular. Both Fry Jacks and Johnny Cakes are served with butter, jam, or honey. American style breakfasts are also widely available.



Estel’s is located a short walk south from Central Park, right on the beach. It is open every day, except Tuesday, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For us, this is THE breakfast spot in San Pedro. Read More

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lunch in belize

Most locals will enjoy a lunch of barbecue (or stewed) chicken served with rice & beans, coleslaw, and a fried plantain. You should expect to pay around US$5 for this lunch at any roadside stand or “deli”. A more adventurous lunch can be found at any hotel, restaurant, or bar. There are so many different cuisines and surroundings to pick from for a sumptuous lunch. For a lighter appetite, try some ceviche. Ceviche is chopped shrimp, lobster, fish, or conch combined with tomatoes, onions, and cilantro, then marinated in lime juice. It is served with fresh tortilla chips. A perfect light lunch or afternoon snack!

dive bar belize

Victoria House

This may well be the prettiest setting for a resort on Ambergris Caye. Situated approximately 2 miles south of town, on the beach overlooking the reef, this property is magnificently landscaped and maintained. Read More

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This restaurant, co-located with the SeaStar Belize dive shop, can be found 1/2 mile north of the bridge. The Dive Bar serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is something for everyone at every meal. Read More

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dinner in belize

There are 4 parallel north-south stretches of restaurants around San Pedro. They are the beach overlooking the reef and then front, middle, and back streets. Yes, we know they have names but virtually no one knows them by their street names. Generally, the prices for dinner are most expensive at the beach and gradually less as you go past front, middle, and back streets. While prices get cheaper, the quality does not change significantly. As to tastes, San Pedro is home to many cuisines: Belizean, El Salvadorian, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Thai, Barbecue, Vegetarian, and Seafood of all types. We encourage you to explore the many options of food choices, locations, and prices.


pur boutique cabanas | taco bar

Our “go to” restaurant in the north.  Pur is a boutique hotel with a quaint little restaurant with a bar to belly up to. Or, grab a high-top table, sip on a margarita, and wait about 5 minutes for your order to arrive.  The “make your own” tacos or burritos are the perfect but delicious lunch or dinner custom made to order. Read More.

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El Fogon-Salbutes

El Fogon

One of our favorite spots to eat is El Fogon, El Fogon means “the hearth”. The restaurant is located just off of back street across from the Tropic Air terminal. This is a true Belizean sit down restaurant offering a wide variety of fabulous lunch and dinner choices.   Read More.

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fine dining in belize

There are handful of fine dining options around town. You can find finer foods south of town, in town, and north of town. If you are looking for a special restaurant for a special occasion, there are a handful of choices nearby wherever you are staying.



This is a magnificently appointed special-occasion restaurant is located at the CocoBeach Resort, just a few miles north of San Pedro. You will finally have an excuse to wear your fanciest outfit (if you brought one, if not no worries!) in this divine setting. Read More

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belize dinner cruises

Another fun dining option is to go aboard one of the dinner boats available from several of the local tour operators. Dinner cruises can be found on both the reef side of the island and the leeward (or west) of the island. It is always a memorable night to enjoy dinner out on the water watching the waves break over the reef or the sun go down over the horizon.



There are two ways that you can experience a dramatic sunset while enjoying food and beverages with Seaduced By Belize. They offer a fun sunset sailboat cruise which includes liquid refreshments and fresh fruit & shrimp cocktail. In addition, aboard the 58’ houseboat SEA’s d Day, we celebrated with our guests while enjoying a wine and tapas sunset cruise. Read More

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catered in home experiences

Are you entertaining a group of friends or family? Or want a romantic dinner for two? Why not hire a chef to come to your vacation home to prepare an unforgettable meal for you and your guest(s). There are several accomplished chefs available to exceed your every dream for a catered in-home experience.



We have discovered extraordinary talented chefs specializing in many different cooking styles. There are numerous chefs who prepare authentic Belizean foods, gourmet French or Italian dinners, and talents specializing in cuisines from all over Central America. You can have it all while dining in your vacation home. Participate as much or as little as you prefer!