Belize is a melting pot of ethnic groups. The culture of Belize is dominated by the Mestizo and Creole. Mestizos are people of mixed (European and Amerindian) descent. Creoles are mainly the descendants of the slaves brought to Belize in the 18th and early 19th centuries who have some African blood. Belize is bordered by Central American countries, but the culture is much more Caribbean than Central American. The country’s geographical areas and bio-diversity help to make it a popular eco-tourism spot. People here are welcoming and friendly. A significant majority of Belizeans work in the tourism industry.


Belizean food is combination of many different cuisines, with a significant influence from the Caribbean and Central America. Most Belizeans eat rice and beans. However, the cuisine also exhibits distinctive flavors due to the influence of local produce such as coconut milk, plantains, hot peppers, and other regional favorites.

This is a religious country. Most Belizeans are Roman Catholic.  As a result of the long British influence, Belize enjoys a bigger Protestant population than any other Central America country. The Maya and Garifuna each have their own interesting combination of Christianity and shamanism.