best time to visit belize

It’s always a good time for a Belize vacation, just ask any Belizean!



The weather is generally among the most pleasant on earth. Belize has a sub-tropical climate. As such, it can be extremely humid at times. However, the island locations often enjoy a nice breeze from the sea. Daytime temperatures in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize range from 72F to 82F (22-28C). Nighttime temperatures range from 64 to 73 Degrees F (18-23C). Suffice to say, temperatures and weather in a place like San Pedro, Belize should never keep you away. September and October have the highest likelihood of rain at 57% and 70%, respectively. However, the rain frequently occurs overnight. For those who are planning to dive in Belize, the water temperatures range from 80 to 86F (27-30C), almost bath water warm where wetsuits are optional.

High Season

The “high season” Belize starts in mid-November and lasts until the end of May. This is when Belize has the most tourist activity. Of course, this period matches up with the coldest weather period in North America and Europe. This can be seen in the number of overnight arrivals by month at the Belize International Airport (BZE). During high season prices are a bit higher for accommodations. However, every business is open, fully staffed, and ready to show you a great time.

Low Season

There are three “slow” months for travelers to Belize, August through October. During this time, there is plenty to do and prices are a bit cheaper than high season. Some local businesses close for renovations, or family vacations, during this slow season. However, there is always a business that is open to meet your needs.