7 Fabulous Days of Diving!

Splash for 7 Fabulous Days: Your Dive Itinerary! 

If you are a scuba diver, then Ambergris Caye, Belize is the place for you! Located just minutes away from the 2nd largest reef in the world it boasts some of the best diving in the northern hemisphere. We know what it’s like to plan a trip around our passion for diving. Check out our suggested “get as much diving in as possible” 7-day diving itinerary:

Blue Hole 2.jpg

Day 1

Arrive at the Belize international airport (BZE), grab a short flight to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.  We recommend an economical Airbnb, it does not have to be close to the dive shop as most dive operators will pick you up the nearest local dock.  Get yourself acclimated and take in some local cuisine for an early dinner, then off to bed.

Day 2

Up early for your first day of diving, we would recommend 6:30-7:00, grab breakfast either at your Airbnb or you can always grab breakfast at a local restaurant.  We recommend either Estel’s or Lily’s as they open early. Check into your dive shop around 8:00, make sure you have all your credentials with you. This first day will be 3 local dives.  Each surface interval will bring you back to the dock as the dive sites are very close the Caye.  You can have a little snack during your first interval.  Once the 2nd dive is complete, you will be ready for a hearty lunch then be ready to head back out around 2:00 for your 3rd local dive. 

Day 3

Geoff’s Caye

Geoff’s Caye

We highly recommend heading out to Goff’s Caye for a lovely day of diving, this 3-tank day has some of the best diving so close to Ambergris Caye.  The adventure is about an hour by boat from San Pedro.  Once in the vicinity of Goff’s Caye, your boat captain and crew will search for the best point to enter, as there are no buoys. Depending on your dive boat, you will either back roll in or step off the back. Descend with your group and off you go!  After the first dive, back on board for your interval, sip on some cold water or a coke. The boat will journey off to another spectacular location for your 2nd dive, after which you will have a nice relaxing lunch at Goff’s Caye, you can hang out on this very small little island, chill on the beach, or take a short nap under a shady palm tree.  Back on the boat and head towards home, you will get to enjoy one more dive out beyond the Belize Barrier Reef.

Dive Happy

Dive Happy

Day 4

There are hundreds of dive sites to explore while here, we suggest a full day heading north to Tranquility Bay for a 3-tank dive with lunch.  It is nice and quiet as you head northward.  Lovely day to enjoy the northern part of Ambergris Caye and the many beautiful dive sites. 

Day 5

Aquarium Angel

Aquarium Angel

If the Blue Hole is on your bucket list, today is the day for this amazing adventure. The boat usually leaves early, as the journey to the Blue Hole from Ambergris Caye is about a 2.5-hour boat ride.  As you enter Lighthouse reef, cruising through the Caribbean Sea enjoying the ride through the turquoise blue waters, you come upon the Blue Hole.  Experience this wonder and don’t forget your GoPro. Some of the best dives come after the Blue Hole.  You may experience Aquarium, this magnificent dive is just as the name portrays, you will truly be amazed at the marine life on this fabulous journey into the depths of the Caribbean Sea.  Enjoy some lunch on the boat or on a nearby shore prepared by your experienced crew, then 1 more dive in Lighthouse reef, before making your way back to Ambergris Caye. This will be the dive day for which you have been waiting.

Day 6

Another hearty breakfast before doing two local dives with sight of San Pedro. Take a much-deserved siesta after lunch and prepare for your only night dive. Head to the dive shop around 5:30 with your dive gear, a flashlight, and a light stick (nice to have!). Be ready to head out around sundown. You’ll get your dive profile and drop into the dark waters so see all the creatures that rarely venture out during the day. 

Local Dive: Christ of the Abyss

Local Dive: Christ of the Abyss

Day 7

Enjoy a nice nummy breakfast, maybe some fresh Fry Jacks at Estel’s or Lily’s Treasure Chest. Get to the dive shop for 2 dives, as you will need about 18 hours of down time before you take off the next day.

Day 8

The diving adventure which had you splashing 17 times in one week, goes so fast, and you have only experienced a small part of Belize!  Come back soon for more diving fun!