Marie Sharp's Culinary Class

If you are in the San Ignacio area while visiting this amazing country,  Belize Happy Adventures has a “must do” for you  --  the Marie Sharp’s Tourist Center and Culinary class, conveniently located right in the heart of town at the Rainforest Inn. This quaint little spot looks very unassuming, but the food, the people and the experience is fantastic! 

Upon arriving at the Inn, you are greeted by the chef and his assistant -- who, in our case, happened to be the granddaughter of Marie Sharp herself! They walked us through the menu for the night, which, appropriately, featured Belize’s most traditional and beloved dish -- Chicken with Rice and Beans! 

That was not all however.  Our meal consisted of 3 delicious courses. The first course was a fry jack appetizer served up with fresh local honey. The second course was the traditional stewed chicken with homemade potato salad, rice and beans and a vegetable medley. Lastly, the bread pudding for dessert fully satisfied our sweet tooth.

Our hosts gave each of us easy to follow assignments for preparing our meal. During the course of our preparations, we got to sample the many new Marie Sharp wines, the jams and jellies, as well as the many permutations of her world famous hot sauces. The rum punch was flowing as we were educated on all things Marie Sharp. We had a group of 12 people from all ages, and all of us, young and old alike, had a blast. 

This 3-hour tour will educate you not only about Belizean culinary traditions and customs, but you will also be regaled with fascinating, personal stories about living and growing up in Belize.  At a cost of $50 US per person, this truly is a bargain.

We recommend this wonderful adventure if your travels take you to San Ignacio.