Caramba! a Unique Restaurant Experience

There are many nummy restaurants on Ambergris Caye, as well as many different types of cuisines. When looking for a unique, fun experience, Caramba! does not disappoint. Caramba! is located on Middle Street in downtown San Pedro, so you can’t miss it! The festive vibe and amazing array of fresh fish on ice, located right in front, will attract you as you approach. 

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It is easy to walk to Caramba! from any place you are staying downtown.   If you come in by golf cart, you can park across the street. Your engaging seafood master, Charlie, will guide you through each delicacy to help you decide the perfect meal to choose.  And by the way, he loves the YouTube bit from “Charlie you bit my finger", and he will most certainly giggle if you tease him just a little. 

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The fresh seafood is nestled in bins of ice with just a peek of each delicious fresh catch for you to choose from.  During lobster season, you can pick your own big spiny Caribbean lobster, or if it is a lion fish you prefer, they are always in abundance. The sea bass look delicious, too.  Or maybe you’re hankering for some fresh octopus ceviche! Either way, there is no other way to pick out your own fresh dinner, except if you go out and catch it yourself!   

Caramba! has an atmosphere that is lively and entertaining. The wait staff is amusing and has served up delicious entrees for years, (always a great sign) and will show you a fabulous  time. The proprietors of the establishment are located at the front door, and will warmly greet you as you make your way in. 

Once you have picked out your main fresh catch, you will choose from the many varieties of preparation by their amazing chefs.  But first, make sure you order a splendid cocktail from the bar.  One we recommend, not for the faint of heart, is the Habanero Margarita, specifically named after Mark, your Belize Happy Adventure Guide.  Mark’s Habanero Margarita,  is HOT and Spicy, we DARE you! 

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After your delicious meal has been plated and served, enjoy the savory dish with friends and take in all that this long time San Pedro restaurant has to offer.  Caramba’s will make you feel like you are a part of their family. 

Caramba! is a great place to enjoy a wonderful meal and giggles, or if you just prefer to grab a cocktail, that works too, either way, don’t leave San Pedro without swinging into Caramba!

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