2020 Belize Calendar of FUN

2020 Calendar of Festivals in Belize

Obviously, there is always something to do in Belize, regardless of the date. Whether it’s chillaxing on the beach or hanging out with the locals of Belize. It’s always a great time to be in Belize. However, Belize is also filled with festivals and other amazing events - what do you expect from a culturally rich country like Belize? Check out list the top festivals in Belize, where you can be sure to have an absolutely amazing time!

New Year’s Day

Let’s start with the obvious - spending New Year’s Day in Belize. What could be more amazing than welcoming in a new year, in one of the most lively and beautiful countries on the planet. There are many experiences to be had Belize, whether it’s something a little more personal, or a giant party.

On January 1st, you can enjoy the KREM New Year’s Cycling classic, which is full of fun!

The KREM New Year’s Day Cycling Classic is held in Belize City on New Year's Day, ever since 1992. Elite and Juniors can join in on this single day road race. If you’re not one for cycling, then you can watch and cheer on the participants - what a memorable day to bring in the New Year.

Getting Ready for the Parade

Getting Ready for the Parade

San Pedro Carnival and the Fiesta de Carnival

February boasts great times to celebrate in San Pedro, the 6th of to the 9th of February begins the month-long celebration. San Pedro becomes a place for colour, singing, dancing and parades.  It is the final celebration before lent. The crazy fun merrymakers hit the streets with splashy paints and of course the raw eggs in hand to challenge one another with.  But just watch yourself, this celebration can be a bit mischievous.  The street dancing and painting may last for a day more so just be aware when you are making your way downtown.

This pastime festival gives the visitor a way to see Belize culture first hand and of course, there will be plenty of giggles.

This Fiesta is also held before lent the 40-day season of fasting and prayer. During this week, the city hosts many lively parades.  If you don’t know San Pedro is known as the entertainment capital of Belize, where the town truly will come alive with happy energy. If you are here you will get swept up in the excitement, being witness to comparsas (group dances) rowdy parades, plenty of live music, demonstrations of the local culture. There’s also an incorporation of flour fighting, which is just great frippery. The kids love the face painting, as well as creating traditional paintings is an important component of the festival. People from all over Belize, as well as around the globe, flock to San Pedro to partake in the celebration on February 18th.

If you love a party as we do at Belize Happy Adventures, then this is definitely one for you.

Belizians celebrate their religion. This great country loves all culture and welcomes all celebrations and festivals. Plus the Belizeans will teach you interesting facts about their culture and towns.

San Jose Succotz Fiesta

This is a local fair held in April, located in the mountainous Cayo District, the village of San Jose Succotz celebrating the day of their patron saint Joseph. Many of the activities include cultural dances, canoeing, tubing, musical performances and the crowning of San Jose Succotz Fiesta Queen. This event is a fun family adventure - providing entertainment, rides, marimba, music and delicious food.


Cashew Festival

In May, you’ll be treated to Cashew Festival. It is exactly as tasty as it sounds. The Cashew Festival is a food and wine event, that sweeps over Belize. Guests can tuck into Caribbean dishes and sample amazing local food and wine, made from the fruit of the cashew tree. It truly is nummy for all. Of course you will be treated to live music and entertainment. There is nothing quite as magical, enjoying live music while munching down on tasty treats.  

Toledo Cacao Festival

Cacao is native to the Toldeo District – the Southern part of Belize. This celebration held on May 20th, celebrating the cacao - The festival has transformed into a beautiful fair featuring local Belize cuisine, with Belize and Maya arts, music and cultural presentations. Oh and don’t forget the delicacies of the wonderful chocolate!

Pibil Fest

Catch the Pibil Fest on June 30th, which is a host of activities revolving around pibil. Pibil is a reference for the traditional way to cook pork, wrapped in banana leaf. A host of activities is held in Progresso and one not to miss!


Belize Film Festival

July 13th welcomes the Belize Film Festival. It has been held in Belize since 2003, and celebrates the artistic work of film makers and actors.  Focusing on Central American and Caribbean films, as well as international films from around the world, if you are fan of films, you won’t want to miss this.

Deer Dance Festival

More dancing and celebrating culture?  That is what we do in Belize, so If you’re looking for a festival which revolves around dancing, and celebrating more culture - the Deer Dance Festival which imitates the hunting of the deer is worth visiting. It is held in the Maya village of San Antonio.

Belize Independence Day

We couldn’t recommend a better event than Independence Day and the month of September in San Pedro. This month long celebration is one of the highlights of the year in Belize. The whole month is full of parades, music, dancing & great food.  Make sure not to miss the crowning of Miss San Pedro! 



Most of South America celebrates the Day of the Dead. Belize is a little different, and chooses to celebrate Halloween. Trick or treating, costumes, and partying are to be expected. Of course, this is on October 31st.

Mayan Solstice Festival

Immerse yourself in the Mayan world, and get ready for Winter solstice. This takes place on December 20th.


If you don’t know, Christmas Day is a major holiday here in Belize and everybody celebrates this in their own unique way. Kwanzaa, on December 26th, is a holiday celebrated by many Belizean people. It’s a great celebration, and adds something a little different to your Christmas celebration.

The good news is; this is just a small handful of our favorite festivals in Belize. Every month you can find, something interesting and fun to experience in this fabulous country!