High Above the Jungle

There are so many land adventures to take advantage of while in Belize. This one is a MUST when making your way to the mainland. I don’t know if you are aware of the Mayan History of this part of the world, if you want more information check out this site, Mayan. One excursion we took advantage of was the Maya Ruin called Xunantunich, (pronounced “Nan-Tune-itch”).

Getting there was actually one of the funnest parts of the journey, once you reach the road to get to the ruins, you must first take a hand cranked bridge across the Belize River, just hop out of your car, just in case the bridge collapse (what?????), then enjoy the several minute trip across the river. Again, I am not going to ruin the experience for you, but trust me, you have NEVER done this before!

This amazing adventure was full of beauty. Our expert tour professional guided us through the historic lands where the Mayans lived. You really have to stop, close your eyes, and imagine living in this era. I am not going to spoil you with the history of the trip, as you need to experience it yourself. But what I will tell you is that it is hard to imagine living in their time thousands of years ago. We are so lucky to have this historic culture to learn from and the chance to enjoy its beauty.