Canoeing Through the Caves

While on our visit to San Ignacio, one place we voyaged to was the Barton Creek Cave Reserve. This magnificent tour was led by a young and knowledgeable guide. If you are headed to the Cayo District, this most certainly is a must do. The drive to the reserve was not without adventure! While on our way through the winding roads of the jungle, we saw many beautiful sights. Once on the outskirts of the reserve, we had to “cross” a raging river to get to the entrance of the caves. This was no easy feat. As I sat in the front seat of the Jeep Cherokee, watching the river rise up to the door, now I have to admit, I was a little scared, but the fear escaped knowing I was in the safe hands of Sergio. Once we crossed the river we made our way to the entrance of the reserve. Sergio checked us in and Jose led us to the caves.

Once we had the perfect canoe selected, I was in the front, Mark was in the middle, and off we went into the deep dark cave. We were set up with a big flashlight to see all the sights while our guide regaled us with wonderful Mayan Stories. The tour was about a mile and a half deep into the cave. With winding turns, and low ceilings, this amazing tour was a brilliant way to spend a few hours. It was quiet and mysterious. We certainly recommend this beautiful area if you ever make your way to San Ignacio.