A Unexpected Road Block

A couple of days ago, while en route to Secret Beach, we ran into something almost never seen here in San Pedro. A traffic jam of golf carts. What caused the carts to stop? A crocodile. Apparently, the croc got caught in a fish trap and needed help. To the rescue came Christina Manzi and Chris Summers, both of the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (“ACES”). Crocodiles are at risk here in Belize. In their own words, “ACES is a non-profit organization permitted by the Belize Forest Department and dedicated to the conservation of Belize's critical wetland habitats and protected species, specifically Crocodilians, through scientific research and education to preserve wildlife for future generations”. While we waited with 5 or 6 other carts (a real jam!), Christina and Chris freed the creature and set him on his way back into the lagoon. We are lucky to have these two young people, and ACES, working on the Caye to protect the crocodiles, learn more about them, and teach the next generation. And, yes you can help! Learn More.