A Birthday for Sergio...

In Belize, and really everywhere you go, it is always WHO you know and our adventure to San Ignacio was no exception. Kirsten from Akbol, (my favorite Yogi on the Caye), had recommended Sergio and his tour company to take care of us while touring this beautiful area. This quaint town is located in the middle of the jungle on the border of Guatemala, it offers up, Cave Tubing, Cave Canoeing, Mayan Ruins, Waterfalls, the Marie Sharps Culinary class (another blog) and much more!

Sergio is the owner of Destiny Tours located in the heart of downtown within Eva’s restaurant. He is the “Minister” of San Ignacio, if you take a walk with him down to the famous Saturday market, he knows just about everyone and they all know him! Sergio’s beautiful daughter is the “brains” behind the man, she takes care of her dad, while he gets to take us on our adventures, oh don’t worry he is not alone. On each of our tours, he has smart, educated guides who entice us with their humor, wits, and most of all the history of this part of the world!

Our weekend with him was educational, full of giggles, and most of all very special as we got to spend his birthday with him! Let us know when you are headed to San Ignacio, we will hook you up!