Day at the Spa...

If you want to unwind, relax, and enjoy being pampered, the Victoria House might be the best spa on the Caye. Now it is not the least expensive, but it is the best they have to offer here in San Pedro. If you are staying on property or just visiting for the spa, it is a beautiful experience.

At the spa you are greeted by a warm Belizean concierge, she guides you to the waiting room, where you can enjoy a cup of hot tea or some refreshing cucumber water. My masseuse arrives and brings me to the massage room, the room is quaint, clean, and perfectly manicured. The choice of essential oils are in abundance as I sprawl out on the massage table.

The hour massage is complete, and of course it always seems to have only been 20 minutes. I am escorted out and happily greeted by my concierge to make sure I was completely satisfied. Which of course I was, it was just TOO short! An hour is never enough.

My husband awaits me on the beach as we decide to pamper ourselves for some lunch and a quiet relaxing time on their perfectly manicured sandy beaches. Our waiter, Marlon is meeting our every need. From French 75’s to beach towels to a nummy lunch.

If you want a day to spend taking care of just YOU, then the Victoria House is the place.