We Found Our Way to Belize!

One of the reasons we moved to Ambergris Caye is the Great Mayan Reef, the fourth longest reef in the world.  This magnificent 620 mile reef runs from Isla Majeras down to Honduras, no other place can you get to hundreds of dive, or snorkeling, sites within about 10 minutes. Our goal is to dive about 3-4 times a month.    

Mark received his certificate to dive back in 1998, he has well over 1,000 dives under his belt.  Me on the other hand, I think I have around 70ish. When I met Mark he was drawn to the sea, this was his place of joy and peace, it was his dream to share this gift with me.  So for a late Christmas present, he bought me diving lessons in Minneapolis.  I had a weekend with 5 other new divers, we did classroom work and some pool time.  After I passed all my local tests, I was now certified, but had to do my 4 open water dives to become fully PADI certified. Once certified, you are a diver for life! 

Mark invited me to Ambergris Caye, this first visit was back in 2014.   Now I am not a religious person, but I do have many spirits who “watch” over me.  As I was sitting in my airplane seat peering out into the clouds wondering if I was going to “die” when I got to San Pedro? I was anxious about what I knew was coming so I asked my angels to please look over me as I ventured in to this new underwater world.   I specifically spoke to my parents, I “told” them I really needed to come back to Minneapolis and continue to raise my teenage children and please don’t let me die! 

After our 3rd plane ride, a little puddle jumper from Belize City to Ambergris Caye.  We headed to our little motel, dropped off our bags, changed into our diving gear and strolled about 30 feet to our Ecologic Dive shop.  Mark checked me in, he knew the gang at Ecologic as they were his “go to” dive shop on the Caye.  Mark found out William was going to be the one to certify me.  

I was certainly nervous. William taught me how to get all my gear ready, he was so patient, he was professional, and shared his love and joy for diving.  He was so excited to have me be apart of this amazing world.   

After I was all ready with gear in tow, the 2 of us got on a boat and headed out just before the reef. William had explained to me that “we were just gonna swim around man, I want you to get used to the water” in his reggae sounding accent.  I believed him.  

I jumped in the Caribbean sea we were at about 15-20 feet of water.   We were both just swimming around, I was getting used to my regulator, my BC unit, my tank, and all the logistics of having this equipment on my body. With the watchful eye of William, I was feeling pretty comfortable and began to venture off on my own.  All of a sudden to my complete surprise, I came upon 2 spectacular dolphins, or shall I say they came upon me.  First, the “father” came to me and then strolled off, like he was just coming up to say “hello!” However the “mother” came so close up to me, she stayed with me for a bit then swam off with her partner.  I was in complete shock, I couldn’t talk of course as I was under water with a regulator in my mouth, all I could do was just breathe.  For that one amazing moment, I knew I was not going to “die” as my angels (or my parents) had visited me, their presence assured me all was going to be ok.  From that moment on I was hooked.